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Give me your tired and poor egg cartons…

And I’ll bring them back full!

What lovely layers!  Here’s who layed what from top to bottom:

  1. Dark Brown, Cuckoo Marans, Ms. Maran
  2. Brown, Buff Orpington, Judy
  3. Brown, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Babs
  4. Tint, Silkie, Silkie
  5. Blue, Easter Egger, Cornflakes
  6. Blue-Green, Easter Egger, Chicken Cheeks

Not pictured:  Tiny brown eggs from our bantam brahma, “Bok Bok,” who is my child’s chicken and whose eggs cannot be given away as they are lovingly collected and consumed.

An Egg From Everyone Today


Our First Egg!

I was thrilled to discover our first egg this afternoon. It comes from our Easter Egger and is a pale blue-green. It’s so exciting!


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