Welcome!  We hope you enjoy the chronicles from our family’s hobby farm, which is our suburban half acre with free-ranging chickens, children, boston terrier, and golden retriever.  Zone 7a.  Please join our virtual community and add to the conversation.  The family and flock would love to hear from you!

Bibliopharm’s FAQs:

Why did you choose the name “Bibliopharm?”

Bibliophiles are book lovers and “Bibliopharm” is a blog from this book lover’s mini farm.  The “Biblio+” category contains book reviews that support the gardening, backyard poultry, and culinary goals of our blog.  The “F(ph)arm” posts are simply the farming component of Bibliopharm.  The other categories are mostly self-explanatory.

What are “Lusophonic Leanings?”

In short:

American woman meets Portuguese-American man.
They marry.
They both get a kick out of preserving the family’s Lusophone (Portuguese) recipes.
They blog about it.
And they live happily ever after.
Most of the time.

If you’re interested in Portuguese cooking, I highly recommend…

Portuguese Homestyle Cooking by Ana Patulia Ortins
Of all my Portuguese cookbooks, this one is my favorite.  My Portuguese mother-in-law tells me that recipes that she’s looked at and tried are very authentic.  My goal is to eventually cook them all and let you know if they receive the stamp of authenticity from my Portuguese-American husband.  Out of respect for the author’s intellectual property, I’ve noted the page number instead of recording her recipe.

How often do you post?

We post when we post. Sometimes daily.  Sometimes life needs living.  After all, this is all just for fun.

Why do you write letters to your chickens?

I was originally inspired by “The Chicken Chronicles” and thought it was a funny way to grapple with ideas.

What books do you recommend if I want to get started with my own hobby farm and backyard chickens?

The following publications are a few titles that I keep going back to for reference or inspiration:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

Backyard Poultry Magazine

Mini Farming by Brett Markham

Why the emphasis on local ingredients, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and Farmers’ Markets?

For our family, the locavore idea is a fun hobby that has the added benefits of self-sufficiency, local community connections, animal welfare, and amazing flavors.  The “Local Culinary Adventure” posts that appear on the Bibliopharm blog are the efforts to use our cornucopia of locally sourced products and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.  However, we’re not purists and still like our coffee, tea, Portuguese olive oil, and some other jet-setting imports.

The following chart comes from “Mother Nature Network” and succinctly describes the ideals:

All cover images from Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Hi there, I am so impressed with the tone of your site that I have put you on my list of nominations for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” Congratulations! If you go to my site, you will find the information on the award, how to pass it along and then you can download the badge on your site if you want.
    I look forward to taking more time to leaf through your site. (Time! Who’s got the time?!)


  2. […] Bibliopharm is about suburban mini farming adventures. […]


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