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Caffeine-Free Teeccino for Two

I’ve tried eliminating coffee from my diet before. It worked, but somehow coffee’s call always boomeranged its way back into my life. It’s not really the caffeine that I miss, especially not the headaches that come by accidentally missing one’s daily dose, but just the cup of hot deliciousness. I’ve tried herbal teas, but just don’t love ’em. Pregnant times call for desperate measures and the wonderful world of the Internet showed the way to Teeccino, an herbal caffeine-free coffee substitute.

The Good:

  • No caffeine
  • Brews like coffee
  • Tastes good with milk and soymilk
  • Approved for pregnancy
  • Sold at the local health food store
  • Responsibly produced
  • Gluten-free
  • It’s better than no coffee

The Bad:

  • It’s not coffee
  • It’s not coffee
  • It’s still not coffee
  • It’s not locally produced
  • Not available at the local grocery store
  • Since it’s made from things like ramon nuts and carob and barley, wouldn’t it bad for your teeth to sip the stuff all day? I’m going to limit to my morning dose.

The Confusing:

  • It helps my acidity (What’s acidity and why does my body need help with it? Haven’t the Teeccino inventors ever pickled or canned anything? Don’t they know that most fruits and veg are naturally acidic? I guess I have to research that one more.)
  • Dr. Oz endorses it on tv (Um.  Ok.  Maybe I should watch more tv?)

Overall, it’s good stuff. I like the original flavor best, but I’ve also tried some of their flavored varieties with positive results. Here’s how to brew the perfect cup o’ ‘cino:

Add 1-2 Tbsp Teeccino to a 6-cup French press. Remember that coffee is measured in 4 oz. servings in those presses.


Add boiling water to fill.


Wait three minutes, press, pour, and drink.


I like my Teeccino with a splash of unsweetened soymilk. What are the ingredients in unsweetened soymilk? Soybeans and water. That’s. It. Regular soymilk has way too much sugar added. Even if it’s organic sugar, it’s still sugar.



The Farmers’ Market & CSA Challenge

May marks the beginning of our CSA share and local Farmers’ Market.  In an effort to support our local organic farmers and businesses, I’m going to purchase whatever can be purchased from said market to plan our week’s meals… on a budget.  I found this nifty USDA website for some reference points and am aiming for somewhere between the “low-cost plan” and “moderate-cost plan,” which translates to $130 per week for our family of three.  Before we get too excited about that number for a delicious organic spending spree, I need to subtract some fixed costs.  So each week we can take away approximately $5 for chicken feed, $25 for our vegetable share, $10 for our fruit share, and $10 for our cheese share (total luxury, I know), which leaves me with $80 for the week for everything else.

The CSA and my mini farm will supply the weeks’ fruits, vegetables, herbs, and cheese.  My chickens will provide both eggs and meat.  The farmers’ market will take care of local, humanely-raised proteins (beef, fish, duck), some starches (bread, pasta), and local sweet (honey, chocolate croissants).  The grocery store will clean up the rest (beans, rice, olive oil, salt, etc.), which are my pantry staple items I always like to have available.

How will this look on the Bibliopharm blog each week?  On Saturday after the market, I’ll post the surprises I come home with and how I’ll integrate them into our weekly meal plan.  If a recipe is particularly successful, I’ll post it.

Healthy eating, healthy community, and healthy wallet – I love this challenge!

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