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Where Fish Wear Seat Belts

Passengers: 1 Toddler, 1 Goldfish

Safety Equipment: 1 Rear Child Seat, 1 Front Seat Belt

The Outcome: 1 Toddler Buckled in Rear Child Seat, 1 Goldfish Buckled in Front Seat Belt

Internal Mommylogue: I’ve crossed a line somewhere.


“Free-Range Chickens” Book Review

I picked up this book soley because of its endearing title.  While I understood it to be a collection of “humorous” stories from the synopsis, I did not anticipate the laugh out loud humor.  Seriously:  Eruptions of loud laughter that caused my curious husband to come running from the other room to investage.  While not really about backyard poultry, it is certainly well written, clever, witty, and to be enjoyed by everyone, not just us free-range fanciers.  I’m going to order Simon Rich’s other books right now!

Free-Range Chickens
by Simon Rich
Random House
Cover Image from Barnes and Noble

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