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May Showers and Spring Flowers Bring Summer Fruit

A pause in the rain allowed me to pause and photograph the orchard flowers en route  to collect eggs from our poor wet chickens.  Our small orchard was planted long before we moved to our home and we’ve expanded upon the original.  It’s nice to know that although the original owners are gone, their garden continues to thrive.  Between competition from wild birds and my refusal to spray, we’ll see what what fruits the summer season will actually yield. In the meantime, however, it is beautiful and I continue to hope for warm berries in the summer sun and autumnal fruit pies.

We have apples from 30+ year old trees…


Pears from the same 30+ year old orchard…


Blueberries transplanted from my Great-Grandmother’s garden…


Raspberries newly planted from autumn garden center clearance racks waiting for some sunshine to burst into bloom…


Sometimes it’s not just about the soil, produce, sun and rain, but the stories behind the garden. Do you have any garden stories, histories or memories to share?

Pallet Chicken Coop Seeking Inspiration

Reduce, reuse, recycle… Waste not want not… Besides, have you seen the prices of chicken coops lately?!

My Faverolles eggs arrive soon and I’ve been mulling over how to best integrate them into our existing flock whilst simultaneously improving the housing quality for all of our birds.  So I’m setting myself a personal challenge:  Build a new coop from reclaimed materials… primarily from abandoned pallets.  I’m going to start with a stepping stone project:  A small mobile chicken tractor with the dual purpose of  brooder and isolation space in case of injury or illness.  I figure I have about 42 days (Another week until the eggs arrive, 21 days in the incubator, plus two weeks that the chicks will fit comfortably in their brooding quarters).

Now for the biggest part of the personal challenge:  I need to overcome my healthy respect (i.e. fear) of sharp power tools.

And even more importantly:  I need to keep my toddler safe from said tools.

Does anyone have any ideas about pallet coops?  I’d really appreciate any feedback, links, and/or pics!


Although it hasn’t been sunny and warm for days, we still have some active sprouts sprouting. I started seeds late this year in an effort to find that balance between starting early indoors without the poor things getting leggy and in desperate need of transplant. This year’s indoor assortment is mostly frost-phobic herbs; everything else was or will be directly sown soon.



Although too early to even start inside, I bought some seeds this weekend because it’s been so beautifully Spring-ish.



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