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Grilled Garlic Scapes

I think I’ve discovered a use for nearly every part of the garlic plant. The bulb is the part everyone knows how to use, the greens go into pesto, and the scapes are terrific on the grill or lightly sautéed and added to omelets or quiches.

Planted in the fall, our garlic continues on its merry maturation cycle.  It recently sent up the flowering part of the plant or scape, which we chop off so that the plant can put its energy towards that delicious bulb.  Toss with a pinch of salt and drizzle of olive oil.


A little grill flame and ta-da!  One guest described them as garlicky green beans.



Husband’s Beer Can Chicken

My husband, like many before him, is a master of the flame. His grilled beer can chicken is phenomenal. Phenomenal. Here’s his (not so) secret recipe:

  • The Chicken: A whole roasting chicken is best, but you can use other types.
  • The Rub: 1 Tbsp sea salt, 1 tsp or to taste of piri piri or other hot sauce, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • The Seasoned Beer: Enough beer to fill your container or can about 3/4 full, 1 Tbsp sea salt, a few more dashes or to taste of your preferred hot sauce
First get your beer can situation in order. Husband recommends purchasing a stainless steel chicken roasterfrom William Sonoma because he’s not sure that slow roasting the inks and plastics on regular beer cans is advisable. That makes sense to me! It seems that they’ve improved the current models for sale on the WS website, but we’ve had ours for years and it works just fine. You can also try heat-proof ceramic or glass cups, but Wife warns to be careful on the grill.  Here’s our well-used model with its handy dandy removable handle.


Once you’ve a beer can-ish container figured out, fill it up 3/4 full with beer – your choice – and the salt and spice. Next, wrestle your chicken into a standing position upon your beer can base. Mix your rub together and rub it into your chicken. Fire up your grill to about 300F and slow roast it for 4 1/2-5 hours on the covered grill.


Ps. While you have the grill on, wrap some potatoes in tin foil with a splash of beer, salt, and spice and roast for an hour for small ones and up to 2 hours for really large potatoes.  Other seasonal veggies on the grill make for happy accompaniment.

Pps. Try experimenting with other herbs and spices. I’m particularly fond of when husband adds “herbes de Provence” to the mix.

Ppps. I’m so excited! We found sustainably, humanely, and locally raised chicken in our grocery store this week. I do recognize that those terms are not officially regulated, so we’re still going through with our heritage chicken project, but I am excited for the interim.

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