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Pallet Chicken Coop Seeking Inspiration

Reduce, reuse, recycle… Waste not want not… Besides, have you seen the prices of chicken coops lately?!

My Faverolles eggs arrive soon and I’ve been mulling over how to best integrate them into our existing flock whilst simultaneously improving the housing quality for all of our birds.  So I’m setting myself a personal challenge:  Build a new coop from reclaimed materials… primarily from abandoned pallets.  I’m going to start with a stepping stone project:  A small mobile chicken tractor with the dual purpose of  brooder and isolation space in case of injury or illness.  I figure I have about 42 days (Another week until the eggs arrive, 21 days in the incubator, plus two weeks that the chicks will fit comfortably in their brooding quarters).

Now for the biggest part of the personal challenge:  I need to overcome my healthy respect (i.e. fear) of sharp power tools.

And even more importantly:  I need to keep my toddler safe from said tools.

Does anyone have any ideas about pallet coops?  I’d really appreciate any feedback, links, and/or pics!

“Art of the Chicken Coop” Book Review

Whimsical and fun!  Chris Gleason offers practical advice such as detailed materials lists for each project and step by step photographs.  The photography enhances the work and makes for a visually pleasing layout.  It is a great inspiration with a lot of fun designs.

If the author did a little more research about coop design, I think it would have benefitted the overall book and designs offered. For example, all the designs were very chicken-sized, which is great for the birds, but I find difficult to thoroughly clean since it’s hard for an adult to get in there and maneuver.  I also wish it had talked more about using the deep litter method and bioactivity.  On the easy to clean side, it did offer a design using a removable tray.  However, I have this on my current coop, but I find the litter gets stuck and jams the tray, making removal quite the task.  The only tall coop design offered was a chicken condo, but the roosts were on multiple levels and my research and experience finds that they all want to get up on the highest level and they will fight to do so.

Finally, the author talked about using reclaimed materials, which is great!  I think the icing on the cake would have been to include a chicken coop design based on pallets.  This would offer a free and standardized source of recycled materials to would-be coop builders everywhere.  How great would it be to have a step-by-step guide to building a pallet coop?!

Art of the Chicken Coop
by Chris Gleason
Fox Chapel Publishing
Cover Image from Barnes and Noble

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