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Assa Chourico (Assa Chouriço) or Flaming Sausage!

Holy smokes, Batman, it’s dinner and a show! In the mind of a toddler, it’s a sausage’s birthday party and help is needed blowing out the candles. Here’s how to  have all this fun at home:

Get a vessel for the flame. I have no idea what it’s called and neither does Portuguese husband. Mine is painted with “assa chouriço,” which roughly translates as sausage cooked over flames. I’ve also seen them shaped like a pig.

Find yourself some Portuguese brandy moonshine, which is called “aguardente” (water with a bite firewater). Of course, you can substitute some other strong spirit. While you’re finding things, get some chouriço, too. You can substitute chorizo. It won’t be the same, but at least you’ll still get to light it on fire. Score to increase surface area and provide quicker roasting. Set the apparatus up with the aguardente in the well and the chouriço on top and light it up! I recommend a fairly long-sticked match.  Ooo, pretty flames…

Roast the sausage on the open flames until it reaches the desired state of flaming crispiness. Add more spirits if you run low and vice versa blow out the flame if you’ve too much.  If the fire alarm goes off, open a window and remind yourself that this is probably a better idea during warmer weather.  Fortunately, we needed no such reminding this evening and happily continued roasting on the dining room table.  Maybe it was the deliciousness of the chouriço or perhaps it was the burning alcohol, but there was much rejoicing… yay!

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