Where Fish Wear Seat Belts

Passengers: 1 Toddler, 1 Goldfish

Safety Equipment: 1 Rear Child Seat, 1 Front Seat Belt

The Outcome: 1 Toddler Buckled in Rear Child Seat, 1 Goldfish Buckled in Front Seat Belt

Internal Mommylogue: I’ve crossed a line somewhere.


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  1. Posted by dearfriends on May 24, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Whose idea was it to be a seatbelt around the fish? If your toddler–GREAT! Wow, what he has learned about safety. If from you–GREAT–the best kind of teaching–what a wonderful picture to demonstrate responsibility and caring. All the best, Barb


    • Thanks for stopping by! My toddler wanted to hug the fish on the way home and has shown…um… reluctance to wear a seat belt in the past, so this was simply a two-for-one teachable moment: 1. Everyone wears a seat belt. Everyone. 2. The fish survived toddler hugs.


  2. I remember seeing a picture of someone belting their bag of potato chips – that was too much. The fish is kinda reasonable.


    • The sad part is, if buckling up potato chips encouraged my child to willing buckle up, then sign me up! Ahh! I really have crossed a line! Thanks for the comment!


  3. I love it, I seat belt the chinese take out, pumpkins, watermelon and my large Dunkin Donuts to go coffee mug!


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