Pallet Chicken Coop Seeking Inspiration

Reduce, reuse, recycle… Waste not want not… Besides, have you seen the prices of chicken coops lately?!

My Faverolles eggs arrive soon and I’ve been mulling over how to best integrate them into our existing flock whilst simultaneously improving the housing quality for all of our birds.  So I’m setting myself a personal challenge:  Build a new coop from reclaimed materials… primarily from abandoned pallets.  I’m going to start with a stepping stone project:  A small mobile chicken tractor with the dual purpose of  brooder and isolation space in case of injury or illness.  I figure I have about 42 days (Another week until the eggs arrive, 21 days in the incubator, plus two weeks that the chicks will fit comfortably in their brooding quarters).

Now for the biggest part of the personal challenge:  I need to overcome my healthy respect (i.e. fear) of sharp power tools.

And even more importantly:  I need to keep my toddler safe from said tools.

Does anyone have any ideas about pallet coops?  I’d really appreciate any feedback, links, and/or pics!

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  1. I like the size of your run. If you are going to build a new coop, consider that backyard chicken owners generally recommend a *minimum* of 4 square feet per chicken inside the coop. Recommendations like 1.5 sq. ft. and 2 sq. ft. are for “intensive” management, like a factory farm. I saw you mention the deep litter method in another post; I do this, and if I could rebuild my coop, I would have a dirt floor. A dirt floor is the best thing for deep litter because you don’t end up with a wet, ammonia-y underlayer. Moisture can drain through (and, to be fair, rise up from) the dirt floor. Google “Korean Natural Farming” for some awesome deep litter tips. You also mentioned ventilation: The minimum recommendation for that is 1 sq. ft. of ventilation per chicken but more is better. If you haven’t already, you should go to It’s an awesome forum where you can ask questions and get answers from experienced people. Lots of people have built pallet coops, and there is a huge number of coop designs to browse. Have fun building your coop!


    • Thanks for the great advice! I thought remember reading somewhere that dirt floors were a no-no in coops because of mice, rats, etc. Do you know if you have to do anything special to prevent these unwanted critters with a dirt floor set up? Thanks again!


      • You could make a concrete “foundation” as an un-diggable perimeter or bury hardware cloth. Depending on how you constructed your run, you might already have enough of a barrier.

      • Thanks again for all of the suggestions. Husband and I like the idea of just having a perimeter and think it will work well. I checked out the backyard chicken forum and Korean Natural Farming Methods (I even found a book in my library!). Great resources!

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