Mystery in the Henhouse

When I opened the nesting boxes to collect the eggs this afternoon, I was confronted with a broken one.  We’ve never had this happen before. Who did it? Why? Was it accidental or the dreaded egg-eating habit? The two halves, while cracked and crushed, don’t appear to have been ingested. The litter and shells were also wet with the gooey interior, so I’m not sure if it was sampled.  Hmm.  Why? Why? Why?  I think I’m going to discount my husband’s theory that they’re having a Marxist May Day revolution.  Any other ideas?



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  1. It could be that two hens were trying to share the same nest box (no matter how many nest boxes you have, it seems that one is always the favorite!) and the egg was broken in the scuffle.


    • What a novel idea! I believe you are right because I found it in the most popular box and it’s been nearly a week without another broken egg. That takes a weight off my mind because I was quite concerned. Thanks!


  2. I am guess you are right there was no eating because shell was left and it was an accidental broken egg.


  3. Posted by atableinthesun on May 11, 2012 at 9:42 am

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but keep an eye on things. The first broken egg we found definitely looked pecked, not accidentally broken. Over the past month, the behavior has increased and we are quite sure we know which of our hens is guilty. We are trying to decide between intense chicken psychotherapy and chicken soup.


    • Thanks for the advice. Although we’ve been fortunate so far, I’ll certainly keep an eye out. I’m sorry to hear your ladies are egg-eating. That a tough decision: Cluck therapy or soup. Keep us posted.


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