Migas Gatas (Cat’s Panada), Cenoura com Limão (Lemon Carrots), and Lavadores (Washboard Cookies)

Here’s what’s for dinner tonight courtesy of “Homestyle Portuguese Cooking.”  Everything is northeast local except for the salt cod, olives, and olive oil.  Great use of old bread, the last of our storage carrots and potatoes, and the fruits of our indoor lemon tree!  Serve with a simple green salad.

  • Cat’s Panada or Bread Soup with Salt Cod (Migas Gatas):  p.46 + Boil Some Potatoes with the Salt Cod
  • Lemon Carrots (Cenoura com Limão):  p.155
  • Washboard Cookies (Lavadores):  p.187

Now for dessert… These Portuguese “washboards” strongly remind me of a recipe my Italian Great-Grandmother used to make, except that she would add anise.  I took a bite and the taste and texture transported me to family reunions as a little girl.  These make the perfect afternoon snack with an espresso or cup of tea.


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