Chickens and Hawks: We Knew It Would Happen At Some Point

We had our first free-ranging incident last night.  Our Speckled Sussex, affectionately known as Chocolate Chips, was killed by a red-tailed hawk towards dusk.  She was the leader of the flock, the friendliest, and most inquisitive.  The other chickens were terrified and cowering under a bush when my husband went to lock them into the coop for the night.

We knew that these are the dangers of free-ranging, but I’d still like to think that at least she had a grand little life on green grass and patio plants.

The whole incident got me thinking that maybe it is time to get a rooster and a self-perpetuating flock of endangered heritage chickens.  And not name them.

What do you have to say? The family and flock would love to hear from you!

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